How to crack a B-school Interview

B-school interview is different from a job interview. In a job interview, you tend to focus on your experience relevant to the recruiting organization. In an MBA entrance interview, the admission committee is more interested in gauging whether you have certain traits that will help you gain the most out of their MBA program. While they will probe you to get these traits out of you, it is very important to know what to write in your essay, resume and application so that you don’t end up writing stuff which will convince them that you lack these traits. Further, it is important to know what traits they are looking for so that you can focus on these while conversing with them.

In general, most good B-school interview panels are looking for certain traits like your ability to

  • Cope up with their rigorous academic program
  • Create an impact by executing innovative solutions
  • Lead a team towards a common goal
  • Foresee a vision which others have not been able to see
  • Learn from your mistakes and adapt

In order to gauge these traits, most good interviewers prefer selecting a part of your application they find most relevant to these traits (or asking you what area you find most comfortable with), and digging deep into that part. This is a very effective approach as you usually cannot fake at multiple levels on same point, and eventually they will see through you. Hence, you should only write true and relevant information in your application which you can defend at all levels of probing.

Communication is another important trait that is tested in an interview. Good communication means that you can convey your point in a clear, concise manner to the other person, without beating around the bush. The trick is to listen to the question carefully, gather your thoughts for few seconds, reply to the point and stop speaking after completing your answer to let the interviewer know that you have completed your answer and they can move to the next question.

Last but not the least, always remember that nothing in this world is perfect and the admission team understands this. Hence, it is very important to showcase that you have the ability to learn from your failures and adapt accordingly.

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