ISB Interview Tips – What ISB is looking for in an interview

Interviews at ISB are one of the best and most methodical interviews, where the idea is to look for strengths and leadership traits in a candidate’s profile rather than focussing on the gaps or weak points in the application. The interviewers have tremendous work-experience themselves, and are mostly ISB alumni or ISB admission comittee members. ISB interviews are of 20–30 minute duration, and mostly stick to the application only. Typically, the interviewers will pick-up couple of things from the application, and discuss those in detail, trying to gauge the leadership traits and other qualities they are looking for in an ideal candidate in the process. If you are confident about your application, and have really done the stuff you have mentioned in your essays, then you dont need to worry about anything. ISB interview panel is looking for few things – just make sure that you give them what they are looking for –

  1. Leadership personality traits displayed in past – They will ask you questions from the instances you have listed in your application, and try to assess the leadership traits you have displayed in them. So, you should be absolutely prepared about everything you have mentioned in your application – prepare it in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Also think of the challanges you faced while execution of these instances and how you overcame these challanges.
  2. Clarity of thought – Clarity of thought in your career goals, and why ISB will help you achieve it – basically your essay 2 in the application. Make sure that your answers are always aligned, despite the variations in the questions. For example, if they ask you about your plan B in case the short term goal mentioned in your essay doesn’t work out – your answer should still be aligned in a direction which would fulfill your long term goal.
  3. Communication – Don’t beat around the bush. Listen to the question carefully, gather your thoughts for few seconds, and answer to the point in a concise manner. Once you complete your answer, stop speaking indicating the panel to move to the next question.

That is it. Remember, ISB interview panel is looking for reasons to select you rather than reject you. Just give them those reasons.

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